Creating E-motions, not E-commerce.

Creating E-motions, not E-commerce.

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“At New Marketing Initative, we believe that the role of your agency is not only creating and optimizing your ads. We take your business as ours and support you throughout your journey. Having calls and planning budgets with our clients at 11 pm is not a thing we are not familiar with”

Daniel Rogachev


I started my career development at the age of 19. At that time I worked as a copywriter. Every day I was closely collaborating with our digital experts and I really liked what they are doing. This is how I thought I can learn doing digital marketing as well. Spending couple of years full of training courses, digital meetings and conferences, as well as couple of new working places, helped me to end up working for one of the biggest financial corporations in Europe, managing their Digital Marketing Strategies. In 2018 Velizar and I decided that we have enough knowledge to help other businesses grow and improve. This is how we founded DigiInk.

Velizar Milanov


My digital journey began also at the age of 19, supporting the Facebook account of one small company. I soon realized the power that the Social Medias have. At that time I started taking different classes from different aspects of the Digital Marketing field. After a couple of years, I decided to start looking for a job in the digital world, where they can teach me how everything should be executed. My first job was once again Social Media support, but this time I was working for a  big company – one of the biggest corporations in the FMCG sector. After a year there and a dozen more courses, I decided that it was time for me to grow. I found myself a job as a digital marketing specialist in one of the biggest financial houses in Bulgaria. After a couple of years there, Daniel and I decided to found New Marketing Initative in order to help others grow.

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